Standing at the economic heart of south china - Shenzhen city, Liangbida Technology(LBD) was established in 2008 and has grasped the trend of the times when smart-card industry soaring and country economic booming, so that has been marching in front of the wave of worldwide RFID “Internet of things” industry .

With the company culture of Integrity, profession, persistence and innovation,LBD is a high-technology enterprise who keeps focus on producing and developing all kinds of smart cards and RFID tags in the field of Security and Identification.                  

15000 square meter’s independent industry zone - LBD building has the level of 100,000 class dust-proof workshops. Advanced equipment inside can meet all the working procedure needs of smart cards and RFID labels, so that we can make them all by our own,therefore could guarantee both quality and lead time.

Our main productions including: PVC card,magnetic stripe card,contact card, contactless card,CPU card,RFID tag,epoxy card,wristband,keyfob,and so on.

With 20 million pieces capacity per month,our market is growing all over the world.

Color management developed by LBD, keeps all unfinished products easy to recognize and stay orderliness when they move from one procedure to the next. Clean as hospital and well-organized as army are the praises we often heard from our visitors.

Every year,we keep putting some of our profit to R&D team,which has expanded the scope from COS of the chips to the hardware and software of security system, and has gained dozens of intellectual property certifications.

“Quality first, Quantity follows” is our slogan, which has carved in the spirits of all LBDors. and although half of our employees have several years’ experience, we still keep training, and concerning details, emphasizing on quality.

As the golden client of most chip supplier, both domestic and overseas,LBD has established solid strategic partnership with them for all the years.

LBD developed some unique facilities to keep the safety of the data in chips,we destroy inferior-quality products to maintain secrecy of your design every time , and promise here: we never ever use recycle material and fake chips.

From the past,to the future,LBD will be your loyal business partner and reliable supplier forever.

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