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ShenZhen LiangBiDa Technology Co.,Ltd.

  • ADD / Floor 1-2-3,LiangBiDa Building,HeXi HangCheng industrial zone,N0. 135,
                   QianJin Road,BaoAn area,Shenzhen  View map
  • TEL / 0755-29966288
  • FAX / 0755-29081288

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Contact way

Subway route:

1, from Peng Chau MTR station exit B, take M350 road or M210 road to the town industrial zone air station, walk across the street to the south head direction walk about 400 meters, turn to the right to see the small slope, passing through the gas station, Xixiang investment limited.
2, from Peng Chau MTR station exit B, take the B833 road to the station and get off to try to force the group, group gate direction, into the air City Industrial Zone, the right hand side of the road to go straight forward two, right 30 meters, see the advance of the two number 135, that is to.

Bus route:

Please take bus via air City Industrial Zone, Jinli group, Bao Tian Industrial Zone station can be reached.

Self driving route:

1: Guangzhou Shenzhen to Shenzhen Baoan direction, from Baoan high-speed exit, entering Xixiang Road, go straight about 1 kilometers, in the center of Baoan passenger transport is first traffic lights, turn right into the forward two road, go straight to the Tsinghua experimental school to make a U-turn back to open, after Fenghua Prime Hotel (formerly Taoyuan Holiday Inn), go the auxiliary Road gas station after the second crossing ramp up into small, forward two Road No. 135 building that will amount to.

2 low: from Shenzhen city to Shenzhen in the direction of opening Baoan, Nantou shut out into the 107 national highway, to the direction of guwu, enter Voeux Road in the south bridge too straight see strength group turn right into the Hangcheng Industrial Zone, along the road and turn right straight to the two, in the first small slope, in advance of the two 135 no amount will be reached to the building.

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