One. Enterprise policy and objectives
1 quality policy:
Customer respect, quality is heavy;
Full participation, continuous improvement.
Quality policy: participation of all staff, through strict process control, manufacturing first-class products, improve product quality, continuous improvement of quality management system of the company, to exceed customer expectations, enhance customer satisfaction.
2 quality objectives:
Customer satisfaction rate is more than 98%;
The product once qualified rate is more than 98%;
Training plan completion rate of 100%.
The corrective measures for the effective rate was 100%.
Two. Business philosophy
The structure of the system, the standardized system, flexible and simple governance structure, the data of the performance appraisal system, IT technical management tools, such as the human resources framework. To avoid corruption, to avoid the expansion of personal desire, to avoid the low level of management led to the enterprise to create a sense of crisis and a sense of mission but also a relaxed and harmonious working atmosphere.
Three. Corporate social responsibility
Efforts to create new wealth, providing jobs, training first-class professional managers and first-class talent, return to society, promote the economy, the improvement of the standard of living of our staff is our responsibility.