MIFARE Plus S2K / S4K / X2K / X4K® RFID Inlay
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General Description

NXP has developed the MIFARE Plus X2K / X4K / S2K / S4K to be used in a contactless smart card according to ISO/IEC 14443 Type A.

The MIFARE Plus X2K / X4K / S2K / S4K are used in applications like public transport ticketing where major cities have adopted.

MIFARE as their e-ticketing solution of choice.

Key applications

• Public transportation

• Access control

• Event ticketing

• Gaming & identity


• Silkscreen with black lines

• Cut the edges to be straight


• 2 KB or 4 KB EEPROM

• Supports ISO/IEC 14443-31 UIDs (4-byte UID, 4 Byte NUID, 7-byte UID), optional support of random IDs

• Data retention of 10 years

• Write endurance 200,000 cycles


• AES-128 used for authenticity, confidentiality and integrity

• Communication speed up to 848 kbit/s

• Basic support of virtual card concept

Chip Parameters 

MIFARE Plus S2K / S4K / X2K / X4K
Frequency 13.56MHz
Mode R/W
Protocol ISO14443A
Memory 2KB / 4KB / 2KB / 4KB
Operating Distance Up to 100mm         (Depending on antenna geometry)
Anticollision Yes

Card Parameters

Dimension 85.6×54×0.84mm or customized
Material PVC, PET, ABS, PETG etc.
Surface Matt / Glossy / Frosted etc.
Weight Per Card About 6 grams
Package 200 pcs/box, or on request